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    Who are we? 

        We are a Chinese manufacturer, located in Xiamen, south of China. We are a little shop making and selling canvas prints and oil paintings at the beginning, then we grow up to be a manufacturer of domestic and foreign companies. Since we entered this field, we have more than 10 years experience. 

    What do we do? 

        We specialize in designing and reproducing canvas prints, acrylic prints and hand-painted oil paintings.
    Why should you work with us? 

        Our entire team has a common goal. We want our clients to reduce their manufacture cost, increase their products' competitiveness, increase more market share and make more money. We try our best to supply our clients with best quality and low price products. We have a good and long-term relationship with our suppliers, your order will be completed in time, and goods will be shipped in time. Tue to our efforts, we are well-respected by our clients, competitors and suppliers. We want a long-term relationship with our stakeholders.